Hello! I'm Andy Lester. An experiencesd brand creative from the UK with 13 years of experience in brand identity, campaign packaging, digital and print design. I have been lucky enough to work in a number of locations around the world and now live in the northwest of England.

As well as hands-on design work I have 6 years of leadership experience mentoring creative teams including designers, copywriters, motion designers, and students. I also have extensive experience with client relationships and presenting. 


My process involves a balance of analogue and modern methods. After having the majority of my best ideas in the shower, I'm certain that sitting staring at a screen is not the best setup for creativity so I tend to stick to the notepad for idea generation.

I'm a quick worker and once an idea is in motion on the Mac and I can turn things around pretty quickly being well versed in the Adobe suite as well as Figma and Sketch.

Despite being a designer by trade I tend to think linguistically, so I'm also well versed in penning conceptual copy headlines and straplines to position brands and campaigns.

I love to use design for good causes and feel we have an obligation to use our skills to make the world better not worse.

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